Celine twins

December 3, 2012 by Ochie


I wanted to get a Celine mini bag this year,  I told myself that I am fine with just one Celine mini, but now not just one, I have two!!


First is my Coquelicot Red Mini, when I saw how rich the color is I was in love with it!! This is the shade of red that I was looking for. Thanks Roxy for the advice.




The 2nd one is my favorite!!

In January 2012, I made a dream board and this Celine mini is on it, now its not a dream anymore because I have it!!

 LOL a pillow and staple gun! LOL My hubby pranked me! LOL he knew I’ve been waiting for this package, and he knows I was excited, but I’ve been checking the tracking no. So I knew it was coming via overnight shipping! The next day he woke me up, he was carrying a brown box, and I asked him ‘is that my package?’ He said ‘yeah!’ Then he went out of our room and left the box. So I was excited to open it. I was opening it slowly, Surprise!! It’s our old pillow and a stapler. LOL LOL!!  I went to him and I was like “really love?!” He was like “What?”(laughing)  I asked him “is my package really here?”  And my real package was beside him.. So here is it!




The Flou Pink Mini. The Flou Pink was sold out last year before it came out of the store and department stores. It’s very limited. So when somebody posted it on a FB group I am in, I knew I can’t pass on it, and the price was good too! It’s in perfect condition but there are just two small blemishes on it, There is a black mark beside the silver Celine heat stamp, and on the bottom left front corner of the bag, but other than that everything is in perfect condition, I love how bright the color is in person. Thanks again to Roxy for adding me to the FB group and to Mary for posting it.  Now I can’t wait to use both of them and enjoy them. Should I use them both at the same time??? LOL just kidding.

Here are more pictures.