Letters to Santa 2012

December 4, 2012 by Ochie

Christmas is coming so fast!


We just finished writing our letters to Santa as a family, This Christmas Luke found out who the real Santa is, he just found out last month, oops! He didn’t find out, we told him LOL, me and my hubby were talking about gifts for the kids, and I asked my hubby, do you think Luke knows that we’re Santa? Hubby said, yeah! I was like are you sure? Hubby said lets ask him. So we call Luke and ask “do you know we are Santa?” And Luke said, Ah yeah! And we asked when did you find out we are Santa? He said “now” LOL

I didn’t know Luke still believes in Santa, and my hubby said I am the Grinch, I ruined Luke’s Christmas LOL. Luke said ok now I know you guys are Santa but I can still have gifts right?! And I said yeah of course! 🙂

 Blake thinking about what she wants for Christmas

Now it is time to go Christmas shopping.

Do you guys still write letters to Santa? What did you ask Santa for Christmas?