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October 24, 2013 by Ochie

my birthday02

Yay My birthday!!

Oct 19 is my birthday!!  This year we celebrated my birthday in LA.

We went there Thursday afternoon after Luke got out of school.  On Thursday and Friday we went to Disneyland.


my birthday07


Blake was not moving when the carousel started to move, she just froze LOL


my birthday03

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my birthday19

my birthday20



my birthday21

My Husband loves making faces whenever we go on rides, he won’t ever just smile normal,  I wish I could post the video he made, when he rode California Screamin.  By the way, I am not making any faces in my pictures LOL That is really my real reaction LOL

my birthday22


my birthday23


my birthday26


Saturday we went to the Santa Monica 3rd street Prominade and walked around, and we also went to the Santa Monica Pier, we played carnival games, and I won every game, ( I think I was lucky because it was my birthday lol) the stuffed toys were the prizes for all the games..

my birthday27


my birthday28

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my birthday35


Then we went to The Grove. I would have loved to go out of town with Tory for my birthday, but Luke and Torch have school and Luke hates to miss school, so LA is the only choice we have 🙂

my birthday36


 I had the perfect birthday, I was with my kids and my darling husband. And I received lots of greetings from my family, relatives and friend, I really appreciated each and everyone’s birthday greetings to me, I feel loved and special :)..


my birthday40

 I didn’t have my breakfast in bed for my birthday because we are in the hotel on the day of my birthday, Tory said that he couldn’t get donuts or a pancakes for me (excuses) so I thought I was not going to have my breakfast in bed for my birthday this year but they surprised me on Monday Oct 21 before the kids went to school.  🙂

my birthday37

my birthday39